Monday, April 20, 2009

tulip festival

Drove up to Mt. Vernon, WA for the Tulip Festival this weekend. I have family up there, including two of the cutest little boys in the world - my cousins Jira and Max. Holy smokes...makes me want to start procreating ASAP.

Anyhow, I could live there too...Mt. Vernon that is. Adorable little town. The Tulip Festival was delightful, as you can expect (despite the fact that the tulips weren't all blooming yet...still fantastic.) My aunt and uncle have lovely paintings, drawing, and pastels of tulips and daffodils decorating their home all created by local artists. It's a charming part of their town's distinction. Tulips.

My camera wasn't these pics are credited to my uncle (from last year's fields).


  1. Wow, amazing like a dream.

  2. i really love tulip

  3.'s really amazing. i love that