Wednesday, June 30, 2010

our ikea

Well, we experienced all that is Ikea.  Holy overwhelming.  Thanks to your advice, we picked up a couple things.  A couple bookcases, a TV console, a kitchen rug, and some sweet green storage containers!  We were all excited because we got mad deals...and we were motivated to go home and be furniture builders!!

We got home!  We unloaded!  Did I mention we were excited!

Then the nightmare began.

1. We only picked up Box 1 of 2 for the bookcases.  Didn't know there were 2 boxes.  Didn't know. Awesome.
2.  The TV console pieces weren't right.  To make a long story short, the "front" of one legs was have to buy a SHARPIE to color it in.  Awesome.
3. We had a small bitch of a time putting the TV thing together.  We wanted to throw it out the window.  Awesome.
4.  It would cost $299 for Ikea to send us Box 2 of 2 for our bookcase.  Awesome.
5.  Our $2.99 kitchen rug is pretty darn cute!  Awesome!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

fancy orange

Remember my post last week?  Of my lingering obsession with a lil splash of the color orange?


one of our wedding gifts got unpacked!  A hand blown orange glass vase....from Tommy's little sister.  Lovely!  When I came home from work today, Tommy had sunflowers sitting in it on the windowsill.

Fancy that.

Friday, June 25, 2010

smoky nights

cute lil bbq cookies...via Etsy's BeesKneesCreative

Tommy and I cooked for the first time in our new lil apartment last night.  We were all excited!  Cooked up a couple onion burgers on our new wedding gift Emeril stove-top griddle/grill (there aren't any outdoor grills at our apartment complex.)  We also busted out our new stainless pro-clad pots & pans wedding gift for the first time to make some heavenly side dishes.

We were being cutesy in the kitchen with each other...preparing our FIRST meal together in our brand new apartment, with our brand new wedding kitchenry, in our new city.  It felt nice.

Until the smoke detectors sirens went off.  Surely it wasn't our cooking....there wasn't a whole lot of smoke here.  Must be a neighbor.  We continued with our meal prep.  Then we heard the fire department sirens  outside.  Five seconds later our small kitchen is full of men in uniform. 

We might not cook again.  Ever.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


 I'm sort of all in love with a pop of orange lately. 
I want a little something in this shade.  
Something old...
made hip and cool again with sweet citrus paint.  
I'll re-vamp something myself...
something I find on the side of the road.
That could be fun. 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

$1 monopoly game

We find ourselves as newbie New Yorkers...with nothing to sit on, nothing to eat off of, no place but suitcases to put our clothes.  It's odd to be in this limbo. It's odd, but so wonderful to be in this new exciting place!!

We spent the weekend driving in new neighborhoods, desperate for a sweet yard sale or two.  Nada.  We happened upon a couple....but they were busts.  I did walk away with a $1 Monopoly game still in the plastic.  My win for the weekend.

On our way to visit family in a nearby state for Father's Day, we stopped off the highway to experience Ikea.  I've never owned anything from Ikea....though their modern designs are rather appealing...and their prices promise to leave money in the bank.  We might buy a bookcase or two from them.  Any thoughts?  Will it last?  Will my Monopoly game last longer?