Saturday, April 11, 2009

i live for saturdays

hello poppyseed, you are my favorite kind.

Saturdays are my perfect day. Today I'll spend my perfect day picking up some stuff I bought off Craigslist, visiting a recycled glass store/gallery (?), and an awesome paper goods shop - Seattle rules. The afternoon will be spent helping out in the garden of my aunt and uncle's Queen Anne home,, studying (blah), and drinking any of the vast assortment of their loose leaf tea collection, until my uncle uncorks the wine. Tonight, my aunt will (try) teach me how to make kolaches...which are a traditional Czech bread delight. I'm elated about this. Grew up eating these at my grandmother house. When my sisters and I were young we would FIGHT over the fruit fillings...cherry, strawberry, apple and would never touch the poppyseed...things have changed.

Oh I hope my camera works to document this. Enjoy your perfect day.

pic from here.

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