Thursday, September 30, 2010

you're one of THOSE

pretty polaroid of things to come...via 52 weeks of polaroid
Four or five weeks ago, when the first crispness filled the air it FELT like Christmas....well, an Arizona Christmas anyhow. 

It made me EVER so excited for the holiday season - as it was clearly just around the corner!!!  I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!  Like many of you I assume.  It's just my favorite.  My internal calander is set up like a rollarcoaster with Christmas being the VERY BIGGEST peak...complete with a decorated tree on top.  There are numerous peaks throughout the year, but nothing comes as close.

I all but hugged the boys on my medicine team that morning - I couldn't stop smiling and being, well, jolly.  At one point I just blurted out, "oh I just can't WAIT for Christmas!!!!  Can you!??" 


"Oh.  You're one of those" was the response...followed by a little laughter from the group.  Apparently, everyone on my entire Medicine team (of 7 people!)  was either Jewish or Muslim.  Doy to me.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


a lovely image by Abby Blaine - spiderwebs are quite fascinating

We haven't quite decided if the spider problem here is endemic to the area, or if perhaps just our apartment building.  We kill spiders in our home daily.  DAILY.  How freaking creepy is that?

We find them swooping down at us on their silk threads from the ceiling, scurrying across our feet while we watch TV or study at the kitchen table, scampering across the floor, hiding in corners, weaving their webs in every crevice they can find...we even found a couple in our bed...our BED!?  And friends, these aren't teeny tiny microscopic spiders...these are large, quarter size to half dollar size creatures...with hair...and spindly know... the stuff nightmares are made of.


We can't open our windows...despite the deliciously refreshing breezes outside...big honkers with 8 legs are on the other side...begging to be let in. Oh sure, they will find their way in some way or another, it's inevitable...but we'd hate to make their journey easier.

I hate them.

Friday, September 24, 2010

apple pie...without the pie

I'm lazy.  Well...not exactly's just that I'm busy.  So when I have a hankering for something like apple pie...  I'm not going to just whip one up like Miss Martha Stewart.  Maybe I'd consider making a pie...if it was a weekend and I had all day to do whatever I desired or something.  But projects like do not get done during the week.  Nope.

So.  I chop up local apples into bite sized bits...sprinkle 'em with cinnamon...and heat it up in the microwave for a minute or so.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

oh emma

I've been attempting to read Emma....for about a month now.  I bought this beautiful old hardback copy at my favorite used bookstore in Phoenix before we moved.  It's red and turquoise...with gold foil lettering on the binding.  It's a very pretty lil book.

Being the Austin fan that I think I am...I'm surprised I can't get into it.  I think Emma's a snotty nit wit.  I tend to want to love the main characters I read about...and she annoys the hell outta me.

To make this a little more ridiculous...I've seen the movie staring Gwenyth Paltrow.  Umm...I own the movie in fact. But I haven't seen it in so long, I can't quite recall anything.

Does it get better?  Or should I just keep it on the bookshelf to admire the pretty colors?

Monday, September 20, 2010

how not to cook for two

Tommy and I lived with my little sister and her boyfriend for a couple years...with my other little sister and her boyfriend just a skip across town.  Needless to say, lots of people to feed.  When I would make pasta, I'd cook using the entire box of whatever noodle I had, I'd use the entire jar of sauce, lots of ground turkey and we'd go through an entire loaf of french bread.  Not to mention the salad...and maybe half a jug of milk...or more.

So now that it's just me and Tommy - I'm constantly making too much grub.  I still use the whole box of pasta...thinking that this is smart and we'll have leftovers for tomorrow.  Well - turns out those leftovers could indeed last roughly 5 or 6 days.  And we just can't eat the same thing every night for 5 days straight.  Well, we could, but we'd rather not.

So.  I need to get a handle on this. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

i'm done with healthy

don't let this pretty loaf fool you - it was sick...and went straight into the trash.

Recall the recent ginger carrot muffin fail?  Well, then I had a healthy zucchini bread fail.

I'm done.  I'm done with freaking healthy recipes. From now on, I'll use butter...sugar...white flour...and more butter.  I'll live with my cellulite...and I'll be so stinkin' happy because yummy food is pure joy.

Don't fret - I will try my hardest to eat healthy foods too - you know - for Baby :-)

Monday, September 13, 2010

to be a sloth

Meet the sloths from Amphibian Avenger on Vimeo.

Lived in Costa Rica for a little bit a few years back. The sloths in the rainforest were soooooooooooo adorable!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

on the brink

 The leaves last fall in Philadelphia...I can't WAIT to see the explosion of color here in New York!

Can you feel it where you are?

I can.  I can feel it, and smell it, and see it all around me.

Autumn is beginning.  I am more excited that I could ever try to articulate!

This is my favorite time of year - the warm colors, the rich textures, the aromas of warm treats...zucchini bread and pumpkin bread and apple pies...hearty soups in sourdough bread tea...sweaters!  scarves!  The LEAVES!!  Oh my goodness...the leaves....

I've fallen in love with fall already...and it's barely just begun.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

reading your own blog

Instead of hitting the hay like I SHOULD have on Monday night, I spent a good two hours re-reading my own blog.  Have you ever done that?  It made me sooo happy.  I have this record of my life, my wishes, my adventures over the past year - and whereas I never write novels on here, it's still such a special treat to "read" the memory.

It's like the greatest diary ever.

*note:  I re-read this blog - my other blog is entirely too big to even attempt to read in one sitting.  I like that this one is smaller...shorter...a lil more spontaneous.  

Sunday, September 5, 2010

10 loads

via here

Someday, I imagine, Tommy and I will have our own laundry space...with our own washer n' dryer...with coordinating baskets and storage nooks and pretty paint.  Maybe.

Until then, we'll share a laundry facilities with allllll the other peeps in our apartment building.  It's a lot like college dorm life, with the community basement laundry room...complete with random socks scattered on tabletops.  It's not bad - it's free - which is clearly rad.  But, with four washers and four dryers, and 7 floors of inhabitants, you can assume it's reallly realllllly tricky to get your laundry done. 

Until I figured it out.  Wake up at 6am...yes...even though it's your one day off allll week...and you can bust out TEN LOADS by 9:30am.  Yep.  I'm ready to conquer the world now that I concurred the laundry.