Wednesday, April 8, 2009

brown bag

Heloise Hobo bag - Chloe

"cinnamon and oats" - handmade handbag by Zhenun Leathers

I'm looking for a brown bag. No no, not the lunch carrying variety. The luscious over the shoulder type. I'm not a bag collector, though I'm sure My Guy would dispute that (he doesn't quite understand why a girl needs more than one). Anyhow...

I'm a picky bag buyer. I don't buy often, and I can't buy expensive (hello student debt up to my earlobes). I tend to gravitate towards classic lines, style and durability. Though I haven't quite got down the whole "classic lines" concept. I try.

"the tulip" handmade handbag by Morelle

Leather tote - handmade handbag by StudioOneDesigns

Large leather tote - handmade tote bag from TheLeatherStore

Raw edge Larch leather bag - handmade handbag via valhallabrooklyn

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  1. i think i love every single one of these bags! nice work.