Friday, April 24, 2009


A good college friend of mine, Carrie, sent me a small handmade sketchbook a few years ago. It was complete with small paintings, sketches, prose, taped/glued/pasted newsprint, and any number of wonderful tidbits. She said that I was one of her inspirations (what? really? me!?). It is, quite possibly, the most lovely thing someone has ever made for me (she even hand made the envelope she used to send it in). It made me teary, it was that beautiful.

There is an element about sketchbooks that draws me in. They are so all over the place and random...yet sentimental and whimsical. Love that! These Amy Klingman scanned sketchbook images remind me so much of my little treasure. Aren't they just so imaginative?

Thanks DesignMom.

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