Monday, April 13, 2009


When I saw this on my love for you is a stampede I immediately identified with it. This print shows the inner workings of my brain these days (complete with the foot in the center lower 1/3). It's a David Shillinglaw print titled, "Chaos is my favourite colour." It's crazy. And awesome. Perhaps it's the yummy drizzly weather, or the incredible culinary creations from the weekend, or the inspiration from the recycled glass shop, but I am feeling creative! unique! inspired!

While enjoying Easter weekend with family on Queen Anne, my aunt introduced me to a couple of her fave blogs and now my head is spinning with elation. There are SO many more fantastic and inspiring lil goodies to follow and learn from. Where to start!? So excited!

Plus my medical externship is clearly rocking my face off. And I love living in the Seattle area, even if it is only for a month. But there are about a zillion things I have yet to do here that I'd love to experience.

OK. Right now, I just need to breathe. And go to my first surgical case of the week.

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