Tuesday, April 21, 2009

hello mt. rainer

It's been a few of the clearest, prettiest days here in Washington. I've been addicted to the fresh air. For those of you who perhaps haven't been to the Seattle/Tacoma area before, Mt. Rainer tends to hide behind clouds and isn't often visible. Well, she's been out all weekend too and she is magnificent. I did quite a bit of driving and exploring, to take advantage of my last weekend here *tear*. I feel so connected to nature here, similar to how I felt when I lived in Flagstaff. The beautiful trees, blooming flowers, and scenic horizons make me feel so peaceful and inspired to live. I love that.

I will miss this place. A lot.


  1. so....move there!! I would def come to visit!!! that mountain is gaw-gez!!!

  2. Jes--it's funny because you know you're from the NW when you understand the phrase, "the mountain's out!"

  3. i actually found your blog by google images searching "mount vernon tulip festival" to show my friend a picture. your blog is great. i grew up in puyallup, wa and have loved your posts about the beautiful area i was stupid enough to move away from