Sunday, August 29, 2010

the wool rug

We moved into a linoleum floored apartment.  After living with white carpet for the past three years, I was excited about easy clean flooring...but I missed the comfy cozy hug of soft substances under foot. 

I ran into a HomeGoods a few weeks ago - I'd never been to one and I've heard they are kinda cool.  Saw a GREAT rug - it was a lil smaller than what we wanted but it was so great.  It's multicolored little nubs of it feels heavenly on naked feet.  It was not expensive, but it was more than I would have wanted to spend...but rugs are pricey...and this was somewhat of a I snatched it up.

Tommy loved it :-)  And we enjoyed it for a few days.  Until we noticed something...dust bunnies the size of real bunnies began creeping their way into every corner of every room of our place.  The freaking rug sheds.  Who knew?

We are throwing it away.


Sunday, August 22, 2010


I pulled an overnight shift on Thursday.
Then I was oncall for four days and four nights from Friday to Sunday (I'm still oncall by the way...)
Tomorrow morning I start my new rotation, my HARDEST rotation, at 5am.
I won't have a day off for 9 straight days starting tomorrow.
(which is really 16 of working straight with no day off)

I feel like crying.

I haven't slept in 5 days...I haven't had a chance to study...or breath...or eat non-hospital food.
Or have a non-medically related conversation with a "normal" person.
I can't return emails, or check facebook, or call my mom.

Where is my life??


We have one's a butter yellow leather...and we "inherited" it...thankfully.  Sure it's got scratches...but I find they are character building...or something.

In the 3000 mile move, I stuffed my butterfly chair into the car.  It was my dorm room chair...from 10 years ago.  That makes it practically an antique in college dorm room style.  A crimson chenille throw is casually throw across it...strategically of course, to hide the not so pretty beige cotton fabric cover.

To increase our living room seating, you know, if we ever have company, we busted out two of our wedding presents - our OLIVE GREEN CAMP CHAIRS!  They are great!  We stuck a couple of striped pillows on 'em, and called it a day.  Great compromise until we can buy "real" living room furniture someday.  Or until we hit up a sweet garage sale.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

via here

I have crap tons of medical text books.  They have bizarre covers...less than pretty...and a slew of random colors.  I'd love to do this to harmonize the shelf.  

Then again...random colors are sorta cool too.  Dunno.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Saw this on one of my fave blogs today...was so moved by it's simple song and lovely prose I desperately needed to share it, catalog it, and keep it where I can always find it. in my collection of pretty lil nothings.

ikea results

Remember the lil Ikea nightmare we put ourselves through?  Well - the fruits of our labor were sorta worth it.  Lots of storage for our boxes and book...and Tommy's TV isn't on the floor.  Pretty much awesomeness.  Except for that strip of bare wood in the front of the TV stand that we have to take a Sharpie to...other than that they look pretty slick.  The only downfall is, they feel super wicked wobbly.  So, we doubt we will ever be able to move them.  Ever.

Future fire wood.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

quilty dreams

found here.

Ohhhhhhh - how divine.  I think my desire for quilting is starting to sneak up on me again.  I love suturing in the operating room - my stitches are so pretty... (and I'm quick to point out that I'm a quilter.)  Except, I never mention I've never finished a quilt.  I've never come even close to finishing a quilt.  So....what does that make me?  Oh well....whatevs.  A girl can dream.

Monday, August 16, 2010

a table story

We officially feel like grown ups.  We bought our *first* piece of real furniture!  Not from a yard sale, not inherited, not assemble-yourself.  It's pub height...and square...and has a pretty dark wood finish..with 6 sturdy chairs....and is gorgeous.

 We tried the whole Craigslist thing for a table (it's been a total bust in this small community.)  We looked at some Ikea pieces, but have refused to indulge ourselves in another Ikea assembling catastrophe.  We were also interested in buying a solid table... that didn't wobble... that we could have for years (not necessarily forever...but a dang long time!)  After going to several local furniture stores, we realized that buying "new" was a serious "new" furniture is pricey pricey.  Thankfully we stumbled upon a little locally owned furniture store...honest prices... beautiful pieces.  Sold.

See!?  Told you it's gorgeous.  Being a grown up has some advantages!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

i dream of mixers


The in-laws were going to come visit this weekend.  I bought loads of ingredients to make a couple different types of cookies, a healthy zucchini bread, and my mom's yummy cheesecake-like cherry jubilee...I was EXCITED!  I got all the ingredients together and then I realized...I can't make anything...we don't have an electric mixer.

*sad face*

We didn't end up getting a stand up mixer for our wedding...and I gave my little sister my hand-held mixer when we moved away.  As silly as it may sound, I am bummed that we didn't get a mixer.  It was something I blogged about wanting super bad...which makes me feel even extra silly about it.  Enough sulking...I feel selfish admitting that out-loud.

look at it go!!!

I borrowed a Kitchen-Aid from a friend's wife - and let me tell you - it was amazing.  Now I want one even more!  We'll get one...someday!

But the inlaws didn't end up coming after all.  So, we had a crazy tons of sweets in the house.  I ate a dozen sugar cookies on Saturday and gave myself a damn belly ache.  Idiot.  (I just looooove these sugar cookies...they are divine.  My Aunt gave me her family's recipe for a bridal shower gift...they are freaking delicious.)  We've since given them all away. I can't be responsible enough to not eat them all.  I'm weak, what can I say?

Friday, August 13, 2010

windowsill collection

My mother in law has quirky little collections all over her house.  A collection of brightly colored glass figurines live on the family room's windowsill.  These are particularly pretty because the sun can play with their colors in such a hypnotic way.

I realized during this last trip to Rhode Island that I don't collect anything.  I mean, I have a relatively nice art collection...but it's not exactly a collection.  When I was little I collected all kinds of crap...kitten "stuff" and rocks and shells and American Girl "stuff" and books and postcards and baseball cards.  But now, I don't collect any one type of thing.

Hummm...I wonder what I should collect.  Do you collect something wonderful??

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the minors

New York state is really fantastic for minor league baseball (I have yet to make it to Cooperstown, but my guess is that Tommy will take me there sooner than later!)  Earlier this summer we checked out the local team...super fun!  I love going to sporting events with Tommy - he lights up!

My favorite part?  The $1 hot dogs and $1 cotton candy.  Omg.

It's kindof hilarious that the only "baseball" hat I own is a Boston Red Sox hat... especially since I live in New York and all.

Monday, August 9, 2010

he made me a pie

I came home from a looooooooooong day at the hospital the other day and Tommy was busy in the kitchen.  I had been texting poor Tommy all day with all the drama I was dealing with at work (sometimes venting makes me feel just does.)  So when I came home I was all sorts of grumpy.

Tommy had tons of peaches all sliced up on the cutting board.  When I asked him what the heck he was doing, he sweetly informed me that he was making me a pie.  *awwwww*

My heart melted.  A smile crept up that stayed on my face all night.  My cutie pie made me a peach pie.  We ate it with ice cream on the side.  I fell a touch more in love with him...and I didn't know that was even possible. 

The next day, we finished it off.  Two people + 1 pie + 2 days = gone.  Is that normal?


Sunday, August 8, 2010

spiedie fest

In moving to upstate New York, I was told that many of the little towns in the area had festivals and fairs throughout the year...and that they were all pretty fun, but pretty hokey at the same time.  I am one that loves a lil "hokey" in my life.  Tommy and I cruised down to the Spiedie Festival in Binghampton, NY this weekend and what a sight it was!!  It was a huge balloon festival with literally thousands of people, hundreds of food vendors and dozens and dozens of brilliantly colored hot air balloons taking flight. I couldn't even snap pictures fast enough!  When a balloon would finally achieve airborne status, the crowd would erupt with cheers!  It was infectious excitement.

I need to take a balloon ride someday. 

After watching the magical flight of the pretty balloons we continued to enjoy the day and ate ourselves silly and listened to the live music until dusk.    I love unexpected  summer fun like this.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

dream land

I love our comforter.  It's navy and has a bold cluster of stripes in oranges, greens and blues that float down the center of it.  It's thick and heavy and keeps me so snugly warm on cold evenings....well...that and my hubby of course. *grin*

I love our comfy comforter.  But now I'm having a heck of a time making our bedroom FEEL like a sleep space.  Don't get me wrong, I travel off to dreamland within the first few moments my head hits the pillow!  My dreams are so nice.  Except, the room isn't so pretty.

This is my new project.  You know...if I have time.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

ginger + carrot

I felt crazy inspired this weekend.  I wanted to make healthy muffins with big bangerange tasty organic goodness.  So I found a recipe for ginger-carrot muffins....pumped full of flax seed, wheat bran, oatmeal, cups of freshly grated organic carrots and ginger....sounded delish.  (I jump at any opportunity cook with our shiny new cooking items!)  

The aroma that filled our little apartment was A.MAZ.ING.  I was excited!!!  Until I took a bite.  They were gross.  Like, uneatable gross.  I couldn't believe it.  Freaking health food.

Major baking fail. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

baby's first book

This is just about the most darling thing I've ever seen!  I so wish I had time to make one for every single one of my friends who have a baby.  I just want to know, who has time to make these things in real life!?   I wish I did, I so wish I did!!  Until then I'll covet all the sweet things that Posie Gets Cozy this baby book.