Tuesday, March 31, 2009

seattle is cooler than where you live

Here I am. Living in SPECTACULAR Seattle for a month (well...just outside of it). I've been here three days and I've made up my mind that I don't want to go back to Phoenix (well, except I'd miss My Guy a lot). My posts for the next month will probably revolve around my experiences here...go figure. There is just so much LIFE here!

paper wings

Saw these = instant love. I don't have much use for anything so splendid...but I adore them just the same. You should buy them here for $2.75 ...and send me a couple.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

sharp n' shiny

While doing a lil vintage shop browsing, I came across this. Surprisingly pretty. In a dark yet shiny sorta way. I'll have to go back to that shop (Unique Thrift on Indian School)...it had some FUN stuff...but my camera broke after this first pic...damn (they had some AMAZING beaded necklaces I wanted to picture so stinkin' bad)

Friday, March 27, 2009

beGreen pod

How cute is this lil thing? Fits on your keychain...and when you need her...cablam! she's big and perfect. From Green Mountain Energy for a mere $12.95...read below how amazing this is.

For each BeGreen Pod purchased, one native tree is planted in an ecosystem restoration project in the United States. You'll also get a reusable bag that can help avoid up to 330 plastic bags and 32 paper bags annually! Choosing reusable bags over disposable bags helps prevent about 21 pounds of CO2e emissions each year. What's more, the BeGreen Pod is made out of 100% recycled polyester.

coastal views

Yea, me and My Guy will be adventuring up the west coast this weekend...wahoo! That's right...up the Cali coast through Oregon to Seattle. I totally dig road trips...especially when they are with My Guy (he's pretty much the best).

*gotta buy a sweet camera so my pics can be as rad as hers.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

lisa rupp

I think this is rather fantastic. Check out the blog of Lisa Rupp Design. She's giving away monthly calendar downloads *for free* = awesomeness.

(she's a local Arizonan = more awesomeness)

Check out these pretty prints for purchase...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Via Enchanted Lavender: $8/bundle

These just reminded me of spring, and all the lovely blooms that are soon to be.

Lavender makes me think about my grandmother. She had lavender scented sachets in every drawer in her spare bedrooms. When we would visit as children, for the long lazy summer months, our clothes would carry the smell all day. I miss that.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


sometimes I see things that make me joyful to be alive...this is one of those things.

crazy quilt

I'm making a quilt. I've been wanting to make one for some time now...6 months or so...with no idea and nowhere to start. But then, one day, I just did. I started. I have one square completed. It's a crazy quilt - my favorite kind. Because...well...umm...they are crazy. And the stitchwork looks awesome. I don't know how to do stitchwork - so mine might turn out real interesting. All images via Fiber Fantasies.

Monday, March 23, 2009

weekend summary

Great weekend imagery from for me, to you. Makes me wish it was Saturday morning. And not Monday.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

mountain air

Went up to Flagstaff on a spur of the moment day journey...
had a cup of coffee...
drove up the mountain...
checked out the view...
purchased a lil music...
inhaled as much mountain air as possible...
ate lunch at the museum club...
drove around a bit...
bought a diet coke...
came home.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

fabric spree

photo from here *note: not my actual fabric swatches...but alarmingly similar.

I locked myself out of my car today - for the second time in seven days. It must be my new Friday "thing." Awesome. Oh well. I just happened to pick a prime location in front of this crazy fun fabric store...so you can bet I walked out with a handful of fat-quarters. Yay! I know exactly what I will do with them. (more on that later...)

je t'aime chihuly

Dear Mr. Chihuly - Master Manipulator of Glass,

Your installations in the desert are beautiful beyond description. They way the sparkle in the Arizona sun is magic. They are bold, and delicate. Whimsical, and elegant. An awe-inspiring display of loveliness that heightens the intricacies of our southwestern landscape.

I've been three times.

Thanks for providing such perfect Sunday afternoon adventures.

Love. Always.

Blue Reeds, Marlins, and Floats

Desert Wildflower Towers

Friday, March 20, 2009

portrait power

These are quirky cool and I think they are fab. They are found at unlesssomeonelikeyou on Etsy. I like 'em because they are FUN! DIFFERENT! a KEEPSAKE! FRAME ABLE ART!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

ruffles 'n ham

Mayflower dress by sarahseven at Etsy (she's one of my favorites!)

So I was busy drooling over pretty frilly things on Etsy last night - including the dress listed above. I wish I had elegant places to wear such things...but my simple solid cotton sundresses seem to be my mainstay.

My Guy peered over my shoulder and said, in all seriousness:

"wow... looks like ham."

I love him. But he clearly doesn't get it.

(Though he may have a point - this one time.)

I wish to death each of these frocks could be found hanging in my closet. Other sarahseven beauties that I can't take my eyes off :

Robins egg dress (the one in blue)

Lemon drop dress (I'm partial to yellow)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

strawberry hedgehog

strawberry hedgehod's soap club delivers a tantalizing bar to your door monthly!

The more you and I get to be friends, the more you will understand my absolute devotion to the handcrafted arts. Seriously. I find it to be crazy luxurious to use, own, consume products that were created by an impassioned individual.

Hence, my love and adoration for strawberry hedgehog, a local handmade vegan soap shop. No really, have you ever fallen in love with soap before? The owner, Tracy (totally rad chicka btw), has a booth at the Farmer's Market I frequent and now I'm hooked. HOOKED I tell you.

Soap for Hope Collection donates 50% of each sale to various Cancer charities = amazing.

Her packaging is beautiful, the soaps are lovely to look at and their heavenly aromas are to die for. Check out her shop...and her blog (hello yummy-looking vegan recipes)

*side note - they sell LOADS of handmade pleasures on their site: pretty jewelry, face products, yada yada..check it out.

blogland vs. reality

I'm still way new to the blogosphere. I've only been around for a couple of weeks. However, it has somewhat consumed my life. I find myself thinking about blogging while I'm working, while I'm studying, and while I'm driving. When I get home, I no longer cuddle up to My Guy to catch up on Sports Center, and I certainly haven't been caught studying for my boards (ooops!). I'm obsessed with this thing. I LOVE to see what's out there - all of these creative energies have captivated me.

My Guy came out to the kitchen this morning from the nice warm bed and asked me why I was no longer snuggled up beside him.

"'Cuz I feel like blogging..."

He sadly moaned, "I'm loosing my girlfriend to a blog..."

Whoops! I will find my way back to you and the rest of the world soon...perhaps this weekend?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

lucky weeds

Think pretty thoughts of Irish clover filled fields today! Or think yummy thoughts of green beer...whichever comes first. Anyhow, Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 16, 2009

a greater gift

Blue Rice Bag Purse made by Cambodian artisans - $28

I've been obsessed with this website for a couple years now and I have to share it. SERRV is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to eradicating poverty. Through the use of the International Fair Trade Association and the Fair Trade Federation, they teach new skills to local people in struggling world communities. They work with these artisans to stimulate local economies by providing decent wages for their craft.

Not to mention - their stuff is AMAZING. These are a couple of my favorites:
Pipal Leaf Journals made in Nepal - $16

Gourd Piggy Bank made in Peru - $16

Recycled Colorwrap Trivet made in Viet Nam - $16.50
Rooster Doormat made in Viet Nam - $36

Gujarat Elephant Pillow made in India - $22


this polaroid beauty was found at mypolaroidblog

If you don't live in the Southwest I don't know if you can really appreciate the wonderment of the orange blossom. (ummm...yes I make up words like 'wonderment').

I wouldn't say that the West has a "pleasant" odor - the monsoons at the end of summer leaves the damp rain smell that I love, and the creosote tends to smell rather yummy a few days out of the year. When the summer grass is switched out for winter grass, an awesome manure scent lingers for weeks (yucky). But other than that, aromas are rare.

However, during this particular time of year all I want to do is inhale as deeply as I can. My mission is to suck the sweet nectar lingering in the air into my lungs. It's wonderfully intoxicating. I love when the orange trees blossom.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

paris 1968

She is lovely.*

Let me take a moment and introduce you to my favorite female, my best friend, the most exquisite person I know - my mom! I found these pictures while going through one of the boxes in the closet while I was home over Christmas. Such a treat to find these lil gems, I quite literally squealed with delight!

My mom studied in France in the summer of 1968.

The streets of Paris.

Splashing in the Parisian fountains (ummm...this is illegal now...so don't try this)

Climbing the Eiffel Tower (yes, again, very illegal, but what an awesome memory!)

My mom has always been spunky, full of life with an awesome sense of adventure.*

Her style I love. Her smile is always so genuine.*

No really, how cute is she?*

The gardens at Versailles.

I can't wait to have these printed...I'm thinking I will select my favorite four (see the * for those), have them printed large and hung in a square...they are too fantastic to sit in a box.