Thursday, April 30, 2009

i dream of dish towels

No. I'm not kidding, I really do. I'm always creeped out by the yellow sponge at our sink. I throw them away soon after I open 'em - it's just kindof an expensive and wasteful system. But I never really knew an alternative, until I spent some time with my Seattle relatives. They use these, crocheted dish cloths...they have a drawer full, so they can use a different one everyday and wash the rest when they need to be (and, what's really cool, is my Aunt made them like 20 years ago). I'm dying to know how to made would be such a perfect wedding/birthday/bridal/baby gift, wouldn't it? Ummm...maybe not to some...but I think it's cool. Until the day I learn to crochete, Etsy is there. These are a bargan at $10 for 3 from scullerymade.

1 comment:

  1. i saw these at a craft fair last weekend. i should have bought them. but i want to make them myself but i can't figure out what kind of yard would be coarse enough.