Wednesday, April 29, 2009

paris memories

Kari Herer captured so many lovely lovely images while on a journey to Paris. I think back to my pictures of Paris, a trip I took with 12 high school friends back in 2000. We collectively took pictures with our shotty little disposable cameras of eachother posing infront of every monument and every sculpture (and Jim Morrison's grave...). I was also traveling with my high school sweetheart so there are dozens of pictures of the two of us holding hands in the rain strolling down the Champs de Elysees, kissing atop the Eiffel Tower, and posing with linked arms infront of the gardens of Notre Dame. Oooo to be 17 and in love....

However, we took no pictures of the flower stands, despite the fact my heart would skip a beat every time we would walk by one. No pictures of the lovely window boxes overflowing with blooms, or the decorative window signs of the quaint shops and cafes. We took no pictures of Parisians in the corner cafes, or the croissants we ate for breakfast every morning, or even the artists painting at the park below the Eiffel Tower. Bummer.

Souvenirs purchased at 17 are amusing. I purchased things like a red sweatshirt with "PARIS" printed in large black and white block letters across the front (classy), three original watercolor prints from Montemarte (I was the only one on our trip to buy art...interesting, no?), and a print of Psyche and Eros from the Lourve (which left me speechless when I first saw it). Oh, and a few tiny Eiffel Tour charms for my sisters. My friends bought things like baseball caps, shot glasses, and Hard Rock "Paris" shirts (doy to all three) but we were kids. What do you expect.

Anyway. I see these photos. It takes me back to that magical place. And I'm enchanted all over again...

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  1. I know....whenever I look at pics from vacation I am inspired to really capture the next place I go to....not just me standiing in front of over photographed tourist sites!