Thursday, April 15, 2010

yellow weeds

These weeds are suuuper small.  Smaller than a pencil's eraser.  And they are so very pretty. I was getting such bizarre looks as I was crouching on the gravel to get a closer look.  They are just so sweet..and vibrant...yet almost hidden because of their size.  I didn't overlook them.  A small sort of accomplishment I suppose. I hope I live my whole life never overlooking things like tiny flowers growing in peculiar places.

Tucson's desert is spectacular.  The prettiest in the whole state.  I could live here.  I really could.  There are so many wildflowers in bloom right now.  Pink and orange and green and yellow. 

Yellow flowers.  They seriously just mystify me.  I'm awfully glad I'll be carrying yellow blooms at my wedding - anything else just wouldn't feel right.  Not for me, anyway. 

1 comment:

  1. Our 3-year-old always wants to stop and pick those. Weeds or not, they sure are beautiful. ;)