Wednesday, April 14, 2010

frosting mustaches

Birthday boy Luke - making a wish

We attended a birthday party this weekend...a 2 year old's birthday to be exact.  And it was, without a doubt, one of the coolest birthday parties I've ever been to.  I spent the entire morning cracking up while watching the little kiddos paint with pudding, splash water, play in the play house, slide down the jungle gym, get covered in shaving cream, and then mud puddles, and then start over.  It was awesome!  And my favorite part - the doggie decorated cupcakes...and the mess the little ones made eating them. No really - this party was dope.

Doggie face before...

doggie face after...devoured.

Canan...or was this Jonas?  I couldn't keep 'em straight.

pretty pretty Peyton...

Luke and Ella...besties...

admire Ella painting with pudding...

watching my fiance entertain babies...

Hadley and Conner in the new raddical playhouse.
Man.  I kinda want a playhouse.
It was too cool.

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  1. Cute pictures!!! I love the first one where he is either blowing out his candles or burning his eyebrows off! ( I want to use the word singe there but singing doesn't look right?!) Super cute of Tommy and Grant too!