Saturday, April 17, 2010


Don't remember where I saved this file from. 
Regardless....I think Tommy and I need this.  
We could probably fill it up today...
but for now it will remain on our "someday list." 

Isn't it divine to love books so much you want to surround yourself with them?
I love that my lover is a reader.  

You read anything stimulating lately?


  1. No. I can't find a thing. Any suggestions?

  2. umm...yes. "No Water For Elephants" was fantastic. I'm a big fan of anything by Irving Stone these day too.

  3. love these shelves. actually, i might be obsessed. oh, good reading material: "the glass castle," or "a piece of cake" if you're into memoirs the way i am.

  4. You may have saved that pic from me. I love that bookshelf array. But I think I love the mid-century modern house it's in too. I'm a little in between too. I just bought two new books a week ago, but my sinus headache has prevented me from reading much in the last week. I've been perusing through all the magazines that G wants me to throw out.

  5. those shelves are amazing. oh to have shelves that require a ladder one day....

    i just finished 'the help' and loved it.