Saturday, April 3, 2010

easter weekend

I like to celebrate in as many ways as I can.  Do you like my new spring shower buddy?  I do. 

I love holidays.  All of them.  Especially Easter.  It's a spiritual event...a joyful religious celebration spent with family.  Yet, to me, it's also about bunnies, and colorful eggs, little girls in pretty hats, pastel colors, daffodils and jelly beans.  Oh, and sugary peeps.  I love it all.  

This Easter Sunday promises to bring together my sisters and our spend a morning of worship at St. Mary's Basilica downtown (truly divine space)...and to spend our afternoon together.  We might decorate eggs...or cook up an Easter brunch that would make my parents proud.

Do you celebrate in little ways too?   Happy Easter.

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