Friday, April 2, 2010

salad endeaver

When I went to college in the fall of 2000, I was not a fan of eating salad.  In fact, it never crossed my mind to eat healthy... I never worked out in a gym...never drank milk...or much water for that matter.  I lived on cafeteria food since I lived on was "free" on my meal plan.  I ate pizza probably more days than not, with a Coke, and ice cream for dessert.  I shudder at the memory. 

I still struggle to be healthy.  Though most of those gross habits have hit the curb since medical school started.  I work out...and think about what would be good for me....well, most of the time.  I still eat whatever I want (which isn't the smartest thing...and I'm constantly surprised that I'm not the size of a house...but if I keep doing what I'm doing I very well could be.)  So.  I want to start eating a salad at least once a day as a meal.  There.  Commitment made.
Maybe I'll try my hand at some of Molly's salads - they look tempting (not quite as tempting as her desserts...but I gotta start somewhere.)

What is your fave healthy treat?


  1. i wish i could get myself to eat more salads and vegetables. but i hate salads that i make at home, all the non-lettuce ingrdients fall to the bottom. why???

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  3. I'm on this new kick of a fruit smoothie every morning: peaches, blueberries, banana, orange juice, straight cranberry juice, Nancy's plain yogurt and flax seed meal (omega 3's!). I've had one each of the last four days. and two last week while I'm sick. the trick will be if I can do it on my lazy weekend, and of course making sure I don't run out of fruit.
    I will be checking her salads though. my MOH makes slightly better salads than I do. it's a happy competition, but I'd like to win sometime...