Monday, April 5, 2010

future foot fixer

Even though I may not wear heels, doesn't mean I don't find them stunning...
like all of these bodacious hand painted beauties...from cocopunkz.

Two months.

Two months to the day.  That's how much time I have left as a student. I know I keep going on and on about this. But I've been in college/med school for the past DECADE and the thought that I will actually be:

1) employed
2) a doctor
3) not in school

is making me pretty dang excited.

So. In two months I will no longer be a "future foot fixer." I will actually be a foot and ankle specialist...a real podiatrist.  A surgeon.  My last rotation begins today in the Emergency Department at the hospital. 

Two months. I can handle two more months.

But can you handle these hand painted shoes?


  1. Hooray! You can see the light at the end of the tunnel...a reeeally, reeally long tunnel.

    Cheers to you! You've worked hard for this. I hope you have a graduation celebration that doesn't get lost in the wedding hubbub.

    And now that you're a podiatrist, I have this pain in my instep when I stand for too long..... ;o)

  2. Yes, I can. I particularly like the last pair.

    But tell us, Dr. Podiatrist, is wearing heels good for your feet? I'm curious about that...

  3. @ Stephanie: no. heels are not good for the majority of's excellent job security. Ha!