Monday, April 12, 2010


I dream of pancakes.  Frequently.  Usually on the weekends.  And then I sleep in so late that I wake up famished and then tend to head straight for the cereal to cure the hunger pangs asap.  My sister makes  a mean french toast - and so I dream about french toast 50% of the time now.  She puts bananas on top...and a teeeeeeeny tiny shimmer of powdered sugar.  And I die.  Because it's divine.

I threw one of these griddle contraptions on our registry - I've heard these things rule. I've never used one - but I see them being used all the time on cooking shows.  So obviously, I want one too. Do you use one??  Are they better than a cast iron skillet?

Register to win one from A SAHM Looking For A Deal.


  1. When I was growing up, my mom had a griddle to make pancakes. As we grew up, the griddle made its way out of the cupboard less and less. I'm not sure it's worth the investment - but if you get it from your registry there's no harm, right?

  2. i think cast iron skillets rule over all other kitchen appliances. i don't see the appeal of a griddle myself, i guess that it has a larger surface so you can cook more pancakes at a time? maybe i should go make myself pancakes for dinner now. mmm.