Thursday, April 8, 2010


 all of this decadent original art work by Stephanie Levy...
i like getting lost in her colors...

Tommy and I get married next month.  Makes my cheeks hurt from smiling...even just thinking about it!  I'm excited to cross that threshold, to start that next chapter in our start fresh in a new place...and to purge ourselves of the material objects we have been hanging onto.

When we move to New York, we aren't taking all our stuff with us - we'll be shipping a few boxes of clothes, and coats, and towels and bedding.  We'll pack our cars full of wedding gifts - hopefully new pots and pans, dishes, and kitchenry items...and of course a couple boxes of our fave books, and our fave artwork.  And that's all.  Sounds liberating. (That might actually sound like a lot of stuff to have no idea the amount of stuff that we have held onto...we're sorta packrats.

It gets me daydreaming about what our future home will be like.  Will we sleep on an air mattress for 6 months before we can afford to buy a real bed?  Those practical thoughts stress me I skip to more of the "dreamy" nesting images...where we have been settled for a little while, have a little savings in the bank...and a real sofa to sit on.  What will it look like?  What will "our" space feel like?  I'm assuming it will feel like home.

I love anticipation like this.


  1. you forgot to mention the man dolls that you'll be packing ;) kami

  2. aren't those prints just divine!! I can see them hanging in my dream office/sewing room... ah, someday.

  3. No no no! Do NOT go six months on an air mattress. My back hated me after one! Check out craigslist or freecycle but don't do the air mattress!