Monday, April 12, 2010


Wow.  When I find people reveling in their outrageously interesting inspires me.  I tend to get all jazzed up about things that my friends and fam might think are a lil odd or lame.  Life is short - might as well pursue those little things that bring you joy.  Take, for example, the random escapade I had in exploring a blog dedicated to the 18th Century? 

The blogger behind 18th Century Blog is fascinated with the fashion of that time...which makes me somewhat fascinated with her.   The whole site is one fantastic resource after another...complete with costumes she creates herself (what!?)  This is surely a site my mom (the history teacher) and me (the art historian) could spend hours devouring.  Makes me want to wear a big puffy dress and watch Marie Antoinette. 


  1. I know exactly what you mean! I LOVE learning about other peoples obsessions...and then I usually become obsessed with that person! That makes me sound creepy...well, you know what I mean! Right now I'm pretty obsessed with anything vintage and retro. I know, nothing too unique but it's fun nonetheless.

  2. Interesting stuff, but I have to admit - I would never want to live in the 1700s. No thank you. I much prefer our time - running water, showers, laptops, cell phones, blogging, etc.