Sunday, April 11, 2010

garter envy

Honest to God I hate the whole tradition of men creeping up their new bride's leg...under her fluffy seductively yank off her garter.  In front of Grandparents and small children?  Yuck.  Not my favorite wedding tradition.  And we will certainly not partake in this lil "ritual" when we tie the knot in 50 or so days.  (50ish!)

Whereas I sorta hate the tradition...and the ritual... I'd still totally wear a glam garter.  It would be like my little sparkly secret...and how pretty is that Florrie Mitton garter??  Enter to win this at Chic' n Cheap Living.


  1. I completely agree. Garters are so cute but I HATE that tradition. My grandparents would probably faint because of the embarrassment of it all. Well, my mother's side anyway. =]

  2. I do not think I will wear one either but if I did this would be the one I would wear :)

    PS I am enjoying following your blog and would love if you could follow mine too. I am a brand new blogger.

  3. So happy that you won't be participating in the garter tradition! We didn't do it either. It's always struck me as being a little tacky...