Sunday, August 29, 2010

the wool rug

We moved into a linoleum floored apartment.  After living with white carpet for the past three years, I was excited about easy clean flooring...but I missed the comfy cozy hug of soft substances under foot. 

I ran into a HomeGoods a few weeks ago - I'd never been to one and I've heard they are kinda cool.  Saw a GREAT rug - it was a lil smaller than what we wanted but it was so great.  It's multicolored little nubs of it feels heavenly on naked feet.  It was not expensive, but it was more than I would have wanted to spend...but rugs are pricey...and this was somewhat of a I snatched it up.

Tommy loved it :-)  And we enjoyed it for a few days.  Until we noticed something...dust bunnies the size of real bunnies began creeping their way into every corner of every room of our place.  The freaking rug sheds.  Who knew?

We are throwing it away.



  1. Finding a good quality rug for a good price is one of those things that is just next to impossible. Sorry to hear you have to throw it out. =(

  2. Wait!

    Some new rugs shed for a while, but eventually, once they're vacumed enough, they stop. Might this be the case?

  3. I suggest you wait a little longer too. I have also heard that rugs, especially wool ones, will shed for a while but should subside after some time. That said I've had a wool rug and I gave it two years to stop shedding and it never did, but I love the design and colors so much we moved it to a room that gets less traffic to kick up the dust bunnies.

  4. This reminds me of a party I went to in 7th grade...what we called a boy-girl party back in the day. I got to wear my older sister's navy blue wool bellbottoms (she always had cooler clothes than I did).

    We danced all nigfht on my friend's parents' new living room carpet and at the end of the night I saw (to my 12-year-old horror) that I had grey lint all the way up to my knees. I mean SOLID up to my knees. Once again, an evening of grace and elegance escaped me.

    So before you throw it out, consider having some 7th graders dance on it for 3 hours in wool pants. Should do the trick.

  5. eclair - hahahahahahaha! that's hilarious!
    Jes, I don't think you should throw it out just yet, I'm betting it will eventually stop the crazy dust bunnies. I think most new fuzzy things are like that. I've noticed big lint balls on new towels too. My mom bought a set of new towels for her guest bathroom, but because they are for the guest bathroom, they don't get washed as much and they lint on me every time I go over there.