Sunday, August 8, 2010

spiedie fest

In moving to upstate New York, I was told that many of the little towns in the area had festivals and fairs throughout the year...and that they were all pretty fun, but pretty hokey at the same time.  I am one that loves a lil "hokey" in my life.  Tommy and I cruised down to the Spiedie Festival in Binghampton, NY this weekend and what a sight it was!!  It was a huge balloon festival with literally thousands of people, hundreds of food vendors and dozens and dozens of brilliantly colored hot air balloons taking flight. I couldn't even snap pictures fast enough!  When a balloon would finally achieve airborne status, the crowd would erupt with cheers!  It was infectious excitement.

I need to take a balloon ride someday. 

After watching the magical flight of the pretty balloons we continued to enjoy the day and ate ourselves silly and listened to the live music until dusk.    I love unexpected  summer fun like this.

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  1. have you been on a hot air balloon ride? they are so fun!!