Sunday, September 5, 2010

10 loads

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Someday, I imagine, Tommy and I will have our own laundry space...with our own washer n' dryer...with coordinating baskets and storage nooks and pretty paint.  Maybe.

Until then, we'll share a laundry facilities with allllll the other peeps in our apartment building.  It's a lot like college dorm life, with the community basement laundry room...complete with random socks scattered on tabletops.  It's not bad - it's free - which is clearly rad.  But, with four washers and four dryers, and 7 floors of inhabitants, you can assume it's reallly realllllly tricky to get your laundry done. 

Until I figured it out.  Wake up at 6am...yes...even though it's your one day off allll week...and you can bust out TEN LOADS by 9:30am.  Yep.  I'm ready to conquer the world now that I concurred the laundry. 


  1. LOL! I tried to figure out how you could do 10 loads of laundry in three and a half hours! Then I figured out that you're using all four washers and dryers at the same time probably.

    Now that's something you won't be able to do when you have your own laundry room. ;)

  2. Ok woman one question is there room for your own washer?

    And keep the lovely NY stories coming. OHMI remember when you took a trip up there in HS and you brought me back a "I <3 NY" T-shirt lol I love it. Memories and I still have it tucked away, yes I'm lame :)


  3. While i totally loooove having our own washer and dryer that we don't have to share, I do miss the ability to bust out four loads at the same time.