Thursday, August 5, 2010

ginger + carrot

I felt crazy inspired this weekend.  I wanted to make healthy muffins with big bangerange tasty organic goodness.  So I found a recipe for ginger-carrot muffins....pumped full of flax seed, wheat bran, oatmeal, cups of freshly grated organic carrots and ginger....sounded delish.  (I jump at any opportunity cook with our shiny new cooking items!)  

The aroma that filled our little apartment was A.MAZ.ING.  I was excited!!!  Until I took a bite.  They were gross.  Like, uneatable gross.  I couldn't believe it.  Freaking health food.

Major baking fail. 


  1. lmao...this cracks me up. I guess i wont ask you for the recipe.

  2. where did you get the recipe??? you're right they sound delish. Apparently if you use all whole wheat flour and not enough all-purpose flour, the weight is off and things don't work so well. I have done this before and wondered where I went wrong. I have recently discovered this whole science of flours. Insanity. And if I had a chance to cook as much as I wanted to, maybe I would do something amazing with my flours but... eh. someday.