Sunday, August 15, 2010

i dream of mixers


The in-laws were going to come visit this weekend.  I bought loads of ingredients to make a couple different types of cookies, a healthy zucchini bread, and my mom's yummy cheesecake-like cherry jubilee...I was EXCITED!  I got all the ingredients together and then I realized...I can't make anything...we don't have an electric mixer.

*sad face*

We didn't end up getting a stand up mixer for our wedding...and I gave my little sister my hand-held mixer when we moved away.  As silly as it may sound, I am bummed that we didn't get a mixer.  It was something I blogged about wanting super bad...which makes me feel even extra silly about it.  Enough sulking...I feel selfish admitting that out-loud.

look at it go!!!

I borrowed a Kitchen-Aid from a friend's wife - and let me tell you - it was amazing.  Now I want one even more!  We'll get one...someday!

But the inlaws didn't end up coming after all.  So, we had a crazy tons of sweets in the house.  I ate a dozen sugar cookies on Saturday and gave myself a damn belly ache.  Idiot.  (I just looooove these sugar cookies...they are divine.  My Aunt gave me her family's recipe for a bridal shower gift...they are freaking delicious.)  We've since given them all away. I can't be responsible enough to not eat them all.  I'm weak, what can I say?


  1. if i got stuck with all of those cookies i'd be so mad...but kinda happy :)

    maybe you could get to know your neighbors and bring them plates...i'd have to get rid of them asap!

  2. OMG. Sugar cookies have got to be my No.1 favorite when it comes to cookies! Now I want some SO badly! And we didn't get the mixer we wanted either. =[

  3. Jes, I think that C and B has a $50 coupon going now. Tempting? Sorry if this posts 3 times, I think that I messed up the first 2.

  4. mmm cookies! Almost related, I finally figured out how to use my cuisinart and made my very first, super yummy pie crust - in 95 degree heat no less. G and I made quiches for his mom's birthday dinner. delicious!
    Word of warning if you do end up buying a kitchenaid - my mom in law gave us the pro because she likes the pro better. While I do love it, it's so big that you have to make double batches of things. At least you can freeze cookie dough.
    Also, she got a screaming deal on ours buy shopping on Amazon.

  5. They are worth saving for. I am a poor grad student and was able to troll Slick Deals (there's an RSS feed) to find a 5qt Ktichenaid artisan in white that cost a grand total of $180 with shipping. It can be done! :)