Monday, August 16, 2010

a table story

We officially feel like grown ups.  We bought our *first* piece of real furniture!  Not from a yard sale, not inherited, not assemble-yourself.  It's pub height...and square...and has a pretty dark wood finish..with 6 sturdy chairs....and is gorgeous.

 We tried the whole Craigslist thing for a table (it's been a total bust in this small community.)  We looked at some Ikea pieces, but have refused to indulge ourselves in another Ikea assembling catastrophe.  We were also interested in buying a solid table... that didn't wobble... that we could have for years (not necessarily forever...but a dang long time!)  After going to several local furniture stores, we realized that buying "new" was a serious "new" furniture is pricey pricey.  Thankfully we stumbled upon a little locally owned furniture store...honest prices... beautiful pieces.  Sold.

See!?  Told you it's gorgeous.  Being a grown up has some advantages!


  1. you two are too cute! and so is the table!

  2. I have learned to love those local furniture stores. It's shocking how great some of the stuff is for the price from a big city perspective.


  3. I love your table!!! I wish we could have one, but our place is too small right now. I want a house so bad! 1 more year!

    Here's to enjoying many yummy dinners sitting at your new table! :)

  4. I love it! Simple and elegant! I love dinner at the table. G is not always convinced but I think I can sway him eventually. We are about to lose our small dining table when our roommate moves out and we already have a dining room table but it's huge. I don't even think it will fit in the dining room. It matches the vintage buffet that we have (it was my great aunt's table) and it's beautiful but I'm wondering what we should do with it. Especially since i really love a round table. hmm.

  5. Gorgeous indeed. You two have great style.

    P.S. How in the world do you manage to keep up content on both of your blogs? I'm in awe.