Friday, August 20, 2010

ikea results

Remember the lil Ikea nightmare we put ourselves through?  Well - the fruits of our labor were sorta worth it.  Lots of storage for our boxes and book...and Tommy's TV isn't on the floor.  Pretty much awesomeness.  Except for that strip of bare wood in the front of the TV stand that we have to take a Sharpie to...other than that they look pretty slick.  The only downfall is, they feel super wicked wobbly.  So, we doubt we will ever be able to move them.  Ever.

Future fire wood.


  1. LOL. Well, it all looks good. You'll be there four years, so it's nice to make it look good.

    Have you ever looked at Some good deals there. And they have reviews.

  2. It does look good. And I have had good luck moving the Expedit before. We have the giant 5x5 cubby one. Which tv stand did you get? I know we're going to need one soon... ah nesting...