Sunday, August 22, 2010


We have one's a butter yellow leather...and we "inherited" it...thankfully.  Sure it's got scratches...but I find they are character building...or something.

In the 3000 mile move, I stuffed my butterfly chair into the car.  It was my dorm room chair...from 10 years ago.  That makes it practically an antique in college dorm room style.  A crimson chenille throw is casually throw across it...strategically of course, to hide the not so pretty beige cotton fabric cover.

To increase our living room seating, you know, if we ever have company, we busted out two of our wedding presents - our OLIVE GREEN CAMP CHAIRS!  They are great!  We stuck a couple of striped pillows on 'em, and called it a day.  Great compromise until we can buy "real" living room furniture someday.  Or until we hit up a sweet garage sale.

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  1. what a great idea! it looks great! we are definitely into furniture that looks like there is a story behind bring on the 10 year old chairs! our future home will definitely be craigslist and garage sale finds.