Wednesday, June 30, 2010

our ikea

Well, we experienced all that is Ikea.  Holy overwhelming.  Thanks to your advice, we picked up a couple things.  A couple bookcases, a TV console, a kitchen rug, and some sweet green storage containers!  We were all excited because we got mad deals...and we were motivated to go home and be furniture builders!!

We got home!  We unloaded!  Did I mention we were excited!

Then the nightmare began.

1. We only picked up Box 1 of 2 for the bookcases.  Didn't know there were 2 boxes.  Didn't know. Awesome.
2.  The TV console pieces weren't right.  To make a long story short, the "front" of one legs was have to buy a SHARPIE to color it in.  Awesome.
3. We had a small bitch of a time putting the TV thing together.  We wanted to throw it out the window.  Awesome.
4.  It would cost $299 for Ikea to send us Box 2 of 2 for our bookcase.  Awesome.
5.  Our $2.99 kitchen rug is pretty darn cute!  Awesome!


  1. oh man this totally reminded me of our first trip to ikea. so stressful to make it through the whole store without spending too much money. when we got home we realized we were missing box 2 of 2 also on a couple pieces of furniture! luckily we only live 20 min away so we were able to go back and get it later in the week. and there was something else that went wrong, i forget what. you'll be better prepared if you ever go to ikea again...

  2. You've sucessfully navigated three of the most rigorous tests of a relationship: wedding planning, driving/moving across country, and assembling Ikea furniture. Congratulations.

    I didn't see any mention of meatballs and lingonberries on your list. I'm telling ya...ya gotta have the meatballs when you go to Ikea.

  3. So funny. :D Did you remember to tell each other that you'll laugh about this someday?

  4. Yeah, that's the other thing. You have to be super careful that you get *all* the boxes before you shove off. I bought a bookcase and grabbed the wrong 2 of 3 box, because the shelf had two different options. They are pretty good about returns and exchanges though.
    and I agree with eclair, the meatballs are essential.

  5. Ikea is SO overwheming to me. Too many sights, sounds and you have to go down this narrow path just to get out of there...but the MEATBALLS make it totally worth the trip!

    I love your blog. It's funny, because I'm from NJ and am thinking about a trip to Arizona. :)

  6. i agree w/eclair. if you're still married after assembling ikea furniture, you're definitely going to make it.

  7. goodness gracious! i love ikea! assembling the furniture is always a challenge!!! Good luck setting up!