Tuesday, October 5, 2010

searching for a rocker

While my mom was here I quickly realized that the seating capacity in our home is minimal - too minimal even for 3 people.  So I clearly headed over to my go-to site for internet product browsing, CSN.com - a site with 200 online stores - with a variety of seating options...like bar stools, love seats, and office chairs. 

Specifically, I'm interested in a rocking chair.  It seems so appropriate to cuddle with our little baby in a cozy lil rocking chair...doesn't it?  I am on the look out.  Any suggestions?  Classic wood?  Or would something comfy and pillow-like be dreamy?  Options options.


  1. Nice title; I was totally duped. I was like, whaaaa? LOL. Love the last one!

  2. I want a rocking chair. There's something so relaxing about them!I always loved the one my grandparents have. Sleep-inducing that's for sure xx