Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Tommy and I spent the weekend in New Hampshire.  It was great fun!  But I have to say, driving through Vermont was the real gem of the weekend.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  THE COLORS!  THE VIEWS!  THE TREES!  THE CHARM!  Tommy and I have been to Vermont together...we spent a couple nights at a quaint bed and breakfast a few years ago - toured the Ben & Jerry's Factory - took in a winery - had a lovely time.  But it was in the spring...not the fall.  And the fall is divine.  Like - the stuff dreams are made of.

We decided if we can't live in Flagstaff, or Seattle, or Portland, we will try to Vermont.  We loved it that much.


  1. you may change your mind when you experience vermont in the winter!

  2. I'm voting for Seattle or Portland, of course.