Friday, October 15, 2010


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When Tommy and I moved here, we decided to live in a one bedroom apartment.  We knew it would be a snug fit - but doing so would save us roughly 900 bucks over 12 months (in comparison to a 2 bedroom.)  We patted ourselves on the back for being so frugal and brilliant.

And then we got pregnant.  (yippee!!)  But we are space-less.  The two of us share one itty bitty closet and we literally have no room for a crib in this place.  Yet, we were going to try to make due.  Though I had no idea how we were going to do it...

Then I got a random email from our building's manager...congratulating us on our baby...and letting us know that there is a two bedroom apt down the hall that just opened up.  We were still pretty intent on trying to save some extra bucks and to continue to stuff ourselves into our lil space here...yet we gave the 2 bedroom a look, just in case.

IT WAS GIGANTIC.  We will be moving promptly.  It has a proper kitchen space (better than proper - it's a big BIG kitchen!) and dining room's not just one gigantic dorm-like room like our current "home sweet home."    Couldn't be more excited!!!

Now...we pack. 

Damn it.


  1. Yeah for more living space! : )
    Boo to packing.

  2. Hey at least it's all just down the hall! Now THAT is an easy move to make!

  3. That's great for me in the living room now! :)