Wednesday, October 6, 2010


 Spent the weekend with my mom - did I already mention that?  I just love her...she's my fave.  We are REALLY into exploring art I clearly had to take her to the Corning Glass Museum.  AMAZING.  I so totally HIGHLY HUGELY recommend experiencing that place - phenomenal collection.  And surprisingly - there was a ton of kiddo-s there...with lots of activities geared for them (it's always fun to watch kids at museums when they are totally engaged in what they are doing, isn't it?) 

They also have a superior gift shop - with gigantic displays of locally blown glass pumpkins and apples for the fall.  My mom and I went nuts (though I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of that!!!)  I bought a brilliant lil pumpkin friend...a momento of the day.

Have you ever watched glass being blown?  It is such a magical moment.  We just dig it.  We "ooooo" and "ahhhhh" and squeal and clap (we have a hard time restraining ourselves sometimes when we get excited.)   I bet someday we dabble in glass art...I like the idea of working with stained glass. 

It is such a beautiful medium. 


  1. MMMM I love glass art. Last year there was this huge Art Crawl in Fargo, ND and one of the artists blew glass for everyone. So neat to watch!

  2. Beautiful.

    We are living in a big art glass sort of place too.

  3. wow! i'm not even sure i realized there were glass museums.

  4. I took a stained glass making class. It was fantastic.