Thursday, September 30, 2010

you're one of THOSE

pretty polaroid of things to come...via 52 weeks of polaroid
Four or five weeks ago, when the first crispness filled the air it FELT like Christmas....well, an Arizona Christmas anyhow. 

It made me EVER so excited for the holiday season - as it was clearly just around the corner!!!  I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!  Like many of you I assume.  It's just my favorite.  My internal calander is set up like a rollarcoaster with Christmas being the VERY BIGGEST peak...complete with a decorated tree on top.  There are numerous peaks throughout the year, but nothing comes as close.

I all but hugged the boys on my medicine team that morning - I couldn't stop smiling and being, well, jolly.  At one point I just blurted out, "oh I just can't WAIT for Christmas!!!!  Can you!??" 


"Oh.  You're one of those" was the response...followed by a little laughter from the group.  Apparently, everyone on my entire Medicine team (of 7 people!)  was either Jewish or Muslim.  Doy to me.


  1. lol, You are not alone!
    I already have invitations to our Christmas party printed up and more than half of this year's presents bought. Take care.

  2. Yeah, but they let you go be sick in the bathroom, so give them a hug anyway. ;)

  3. @ Lori - no kidding!! I dig those boys big time!!

  4. So does this mean you've started shopping already? It's sad but I don't get excited about xmas until it's 7 days before. I think it's from years of working in retail. the worst season of the year to be a worker bee.

  5. I love love love LOVE Christmas. And I love that you're already getting excited too, just like me!! I've started the Christmas shopping (and making of presents!) and we have a big white board next to our desks at work which every day says how many sleeps there are until Christmas Day! Oh yeah, we're that cool!!! Thank goodness my beautiful husband is just as huge a Christmas nut as me! xx