Wednesday, October 20, 2010

owl family

Ohhh!!!  I want to do this.  MAYBE I'll go buy some black construction paper and do it...isn't it fun?  A perfect Halloween-ish window decoration!!  (I'm not into decorating with goblins and headstones and scary things...I'm more of a "fall harvest" type)

Except the thought of having to buy construction paper makes me sick...

...when we moved from Phoenix I had containers full of paper.  Scrapbooking paper, textured handmade papers, construction papers, etc.  A collection that had taken years of savvy browsing and buying.  I referred so often to those containers...pulling out pretty foiled papers for making cards, or backing pictures, or whatever my crafty heart desired.  Yet, they didn't fit in the car.  My sisters inherited my prized paper collection.

I hope they freaking appreciate it. 

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  1. i love this window! i want to just keep the picture of it as art