Wednesday, March 18, 2009

strawberry hedgehog

strawberry hedgehod's soap club delivers a tantalizing bar to your door monthly!

The more you and I get to be friends, the more you will understand my absolute devotion to the handcrafted arts. Seriously. I find it to be crazy luxurious to use, own, consume products that were created by an impassioned individual.

Hence, my love and adoration for strawberry hedgehog, a local handmade vegan soap shop. No really, have you ever fallen in love with soap before? The owner, Tracy (totally rad chicka btw), has a booth at the Farmer's Market I frequent and now I'm hooked. HOOKED I tell you.

Soap for Hope Collection donates 50% of each sale to various Cancer charities = amazing.

Her packaging is beautiful, the soaps are lovely to look at and their heavenly aromas are to die for. Check out her shop...and her blog (hello yummy-looking vegan recipes)

*side note - they sell LOADS of handmade pleasures on their site: pretty jewelry, face products, yada yada..check it out.

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  1. why yes i have fallen in love with soap! specifically the handmade olive oil soap made locally in my hometown.