Monday, March 16, 2009

a greater gift

Blue Rice Bag Purse made by Cambodian artisans - $28

I've been obsessed with this website for a couple years now and I have to share it. SERRV is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to eradicating poverty. Through the use of the International Fair Trade Association and the Fair Trade Federation, they teach new skills to local people in struggling world communities. They work with these artisans to stimulate local economies by providing decent wages for their craft.

Not to mention - their stuff is AMAZING. These are a couple of my favorites:
Pipal Leaf Journals made in Nepal - $16

Gourd Piggy Bank made in Peru - $16

Recycled Colorwrap Trivet made in Viet Nam - $16.50
Rooster Doormat made in Viet Nam - $36

Gujarat Elephant Pillow made in India - $22

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