Thursday, March 19, 2009

ruffles 'n ham

Mayflower dress by sarahseven at Etsy (she's one of my favorites!)

So I was busy drooling over pretty frilly things on Etsy last night - including the dress listed above. I wish I had elegant places to wear such things...but my simple solid cotton sundresses seem to be my mainstay.

My Guy peered over my shoulder and said, in all seriousness:

"wow... looks like ham."

I love him. But he clearly doesn't get it.

(Though he may have a point - this one time.)

I wish to death each of these frocks could be found hanging in my closet. Other sarahseven beauties that I can't take my eyes off :

Robins egg dress (the one in blue)

Lemon drop dress (I'm partial to yellow)

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