Monday, March 9, 2009

rhode island it is! or is it?

the perceptive travel blog has some great entries related to New England...including the top 10 reason's to visit Rhode Island!

While in Rhode Island, one of the most adorable states in the country, I finally made up my matrimonial mind (for the gazillionth time). I decided that a Rhode Island wedding would be ideal. Remember, My Guy is from the Ocean State and his entire family lives there, as do the majority of his best friends. I went to college out there and a handful of my most cherished friends do to. Makes the most sense to bring the party to them! It's the people that make the memories.

It's no secret that Rhode Island is everything charming and lovely. So, I got on it while I was out there. Started talking to my girls, started getting the low down on venues, churches, accomodations, activities. Pretty much planned the whole event on my six hour flight back to Phoenix. This was what I devised:

Photo found at LeBron Photo on flikr
Ceremony venue: Beavertail Light House (we picniced there on our first date *sigh*)

This perfect inspiration board is from Snippet & Ink
Attire: New England casual (khaki and navy)

From Z's Wedding Blog which is full of fantastic beauties of inspiration
Flowers: peonies (well, something small using big blooms)

There are loads of pictures of a pretty wedding that took place in the barn here.
Reception venue: Mount Hope Farm (it just doesn't get more New England! Plus, the grounds are gorgeous, and though it may be a little tight on the budget, it would be fun and different)

Food: New England Clam Bake = yum!

As far as cakes and invites and overall idea...but it will come. Eventually.

So then I got home and straight GUSHED my ideas to My Guy while hardly breathing between ideas and sentences. He listened, with a smile, and then told me that he actually really wants to get married in Flagstaff. He feels that it is so us, and that he's spoken to his fam and friends and apparently a good number of them are stoked about traveling to Arizona.


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  1. I love your attitude about the whole thing. You guys seem to have a great relationship. Way to be the opposite of nightmare bride.:)