Sunday, March 15, 2009

paris 1968

She is lovely.*

Let me take a moment and introduce you to my favorite female, my best friend, the most exquisite person I know - my mom! I found these pictures while going through one of the boxes in the closet while I was home over Christmas. Such a treat to find these lil gems, I quite literally squealed with delight!

My mom studied in France in the summer of 1968.

The streets of Paris.

Splashing in the Parisian fountains (ummm...this is illegal don't try this)

Climbing the Eiffel Tower (yes, again, very illegal, but what an awesome memory!)

My mom has always been spunky, full of life with an awesome sense of adventure.*

Her style I love. Her smile is always so genuine.*

No really, how cute is she?*

The gardens at Versailles.

I can't wait to have these printed...I'm thinking I will select my favorite four (see the * for those), have them printed large and hung in a square...they are too fantastic to sit in a box.


  1. these are so lovely. thanks for sharing!

  2. I found some old photos of my mother not long ago, she passed away only 2years ago when i was 21. I never got to hear the stories behind each photo but i love making up my own for her. Make sure you do something nice with these photos because they are such an amazing keepsake. Lovely post

    x from

  3. Your mom is too cute! What an amazing Paris experience!

  4. Oh my goodness! These are amazing photos!

  5. what beautiful photos! i love finding old photos of my mom, it makes me so happy! :)

  6. Your mum seems to be so full of life and happiness! Thanks for posting these inspiring pics, and what a good idea to have some framed!


  7. there is something so breath-taking about photos from the past. especially when the subject is our mother. :) lovely!

  8. These are so lovely - what a perfect tribute to your mum! She looks like so much fun!

  9. wow, this is awesome!
    My dream is to live in France - your mom has a great sense of direction ;)

  10. you have an absolutely, positively lovely woman for a mother! you are blessed! :)