Wednesday, September 8, 2010

reading your own blog

Instead of hitting the hay like I SHOULD have on Monday night, I spent a good two hours re-reading my own blog.  Have you ever done that?  It made me sooo happy.  I have this record of my life, my wishes, my adventures over the past year - and whereas I never write novels on here, it's still such a special treat to "read" the memory.

It's like the greatest diary ever.

*note:  I re-read this blog - my other blog is entirely too big to even attempt to read in one sitting.  I like that this one is smaller...shorter...a lil more spontaneous.  


  1. Well, yes your blog is pretty great.

    But you'd better start getting some prego sleep, or all your bloggy friends are going to come up there and make you. ;)

  2. did you re-read both of them? I re-read mine once...but it's been awhile!

    and have down time? :)

  3. too funny, i started my blog as a journel of sorts and love looking back and remembering all the fun stuff!