Wednesday, September 29, 2010


a lovely image by Abby Blaine - spiderwebs are quite fascinating

We haven't quite decided if the spider problem here is endemic to the area, or if perhaps just our apartment building.  We kill spiders in our home daily.  DAILY.  How freaking creepy is that?

We find them swooping down at us on their silk threads from the ceiling, scurrying across our feet while we watch TV or study at the kitchen table, scampering across the floor, hiding in corners, weaving their webs in every crevice they can find...we even found a couple in our bed...our BED!?  And friends, these aren't teeny tiny microscopic spiders...these are large, quarter size to half dollar size creatures...with hair...and spindly know... the stuff nightmares are made of.


We can't open our windows...despite the deliciously refreshing breezes outside...big honkers with 8 legs are on the other side...begging to be let in. Oh sure, they will find their way in some way or another, it's inevitable...but we'd hate to make their journey easier.

I hate them.


  1. OMG, the same thing happened to me when I moved here.

    If you have a lot of trees near your apt, that is part of the reason.

    You may need to check for possible openings. I rented a cabin for a while that wasn't put together right and could see daylight between the logs! No wonder the place was full of spiders!

    Check the threshold at your door. Usually you can raise or lower the metal piece. If you can slip a piece of paper in, you need to raise it.

  2. Oh, and they won't be around in the winter. They come back in spring though.

    Check for openings.

  3. I would not be able to handle that! lol
    Eew! Eew! Eew!

  4. When we first moved into our basement bedroom I was finding quarter sized spiders in my shower daily. As much as I hate pesticide, the only thing that worked was to do a perimeter spray of this 9 month spider repellent - you can get it at any hardware store. After that I didn't even find very many dead ones, they just stayed away. Have Tommy do a perimeter spray (because you're preggers) around the doors and windows and corners and light switches - any tiny openings.
    Also, mix a spray bottle of water and about a teaspoon of tea tree oil and then strip your bed and mist your mattress, let dry, add sheets, mist again, let dry, etc. They hate the smell of tea tree oil and it's antibacterial. Unfortunately, my husband doesn't like the scent either, but I told him tea tree or me plus the scent dissipates. That helps too.
    I think part of my arachnophobia stems from how when I get bitten, they become giant welts and it takes days for them to go away.

    and thanks for the love the other day, I really needed it. If only I could sit and have tea with you.

  5. Ewwww. I'd freak out if I had to live with that! We often find spiders in our home but not DAILY. Ick. Since we both hate spiders we either vacuum them up or get the dogs to eat them (don't worry, spiders up here aren't deadly).

  6. I just moved from WA to Western NY, and the spiders here are RIDICULOUS! I can't even believe how many of them, and how big, they all are!