Friday, September 17, 2010

i'm done with healthy

don't let this pretty loaf fool you - it was sick...and went straight into the trash.

Recall the recent ginger carrot muffin fail?  Well, then I had a healthy zucchini bread fail.

I'm done.  I'm done with freaking healthy recipes. From now on, I'll use butter...sugar...white flour...and more butter.  I'll live with my cellulite...and I'll be so stinkin' happy because yummy food is pure joy.

Don't fret - I will try my hardest to eat healthy foods too - you know - for Baby :-)


  1. i tried eating healthy once. i realized i'd rather be a little chubbier and happy than skinny and miserable. i've never looked back.

  2. I think this is pretty much every time I try to make cookies. I'm always attempting these oat-y, yummy sounding things and instead proceed to make, um, oat-y, crumbly hocky pucks. plus, packing on the pounds. stupid delicious treats.