Saturday, March 27, 2010

gone to paris

 Cafe Love by Etsy artist alicebgardens

My parents left for Paris yesterday.   I find it wildly romantic that they opt to spend a couple weeks in Europe every year.  Last year was Greece...the year before that was Italy....this year is France (and a little slice of Italy I believe.)   I wish I could fit in their steal a look at those beautiful places.

My mom loves to see everything...she's so fun to travel with...high energy (she lived in France for a while...see some of her pictures here).  My dad loves to see the sites too...except his favorite Parisian activity is to sit and drink coffee at the quaint outdoor cafes, and people watch.  They are a perfect travel team.

When I said au revoir to my parents as they waited to board the plane, my heart got stuck in my throat and it was impossible not to cry like a little girl.  I guess I'll always be a little girl when it comes to my parents.

I want them to live forever.


  1. That is so cute! I'd love to have my marriage be romantic like that when we've grown old and wrinkly! And I know how you feel, I love my parents so much and am especially close with my mother. I don't ever want them to not be apart of my life.

  2. I know the feeling. Just knowing that my mama is on the other side of the phone makes everything better.

  3. That is "wildly romantic."

    P.S. Your post just totally made me want to plan a trip to Europe.