Wednesday, March 17, 2010

scenes from tombstone

skulls = southwestern decor (click on the's so rad...I'm proud my lil camera packs a mean punch like that!)

I took a day off this week. It's exactly what I needed to feel refreshed and alive.

"Where should I feel alive today?" I wondered. Perhaps the city too tough to die? It felt fitting.

So...Tommy and I day tripped it to the middle of nowhere...and landed in Tombstone. And it was just a glorious as I imagined. It was rustic and dusty. With crusty saloons and clean bathrooms. Some of it was really touristy...but it has a right to be. It's a well preserved bad ass town preserving everything that made the wild west amazing.

I loved it.

Even if the shoot out at the OK Corral made me giggle. I would so totally go again.

Arizona is so fun.

Everyone wears boots. Everyone.

Wyatt Earp and the boys.
note: I really wanted my picture taken with them...but they made me nervous.

Toured the oldest printing press in the state of Arizona - the Epitaph.

The Historama was this rad vintage experience....
decorated with HUGE movie posters of all the films portraying Tombstone.

Stages. I can't get over the whole idea of wooden wheels. Wha???

I am a tourist. I take pictures of things like giant wooden Native American statues.

This was one of Tommy's favorite things we saw that day. Yup.


  1. I have to say that I looked at the photo of the burro and the dog about three times before I realized the burro isn't wearing a hat!

    It's lovely to see some of your own photos. I have missed them. And I'm glad you and Tommy were able to spend some time together.

  2. And where are YOU? You know, you really should have dressed up in western attire and had your picture taken or something. ;)

    Tombstone is a crazy place...