Monday, June 15, 2009

what do your hands smell like?

Right now, mine has the hint of Rosewood-Orange from the Soap of the Month Club at Strawberry Hedgehog.

from the blog:

Valencia orange essential oil is a bright and cheerful scent. Steam distilled from the peels of the orange it offers great aromatherapy to uplift and energize. The rosewood is an almost spicy scent. It is steam distilled from the wood of an unfortunately now rare tree in South America so I do not use it lightly....The rosewood oil is traditionally used for everything from acne to wrinkle prevention and treatment to boosting immunity. The scent is intoxicating and has the benefits of being strengthening and soothing. I have also added a hint of rose otto oil for a slightly more floral sweetness and a touch of rosewater.

The floral, woody, and subtly spicy character of the rosewood with the uplifting, green scent of orange makes for a fantastic combination.

Get your own. This bar's mine.

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  1. Thanks, Jes! I'm so glad you like it, just wait until next month. :c)

    I have a great sale going on until 7pm tonight if anyone is interested you can read more about it at