Saturday, June 13, 2009

my stuff saturday - my turquoise bracelet

I want to take you on a journey, piece by piece, through my treasures...but my camera just doesn't photograph things as beautifully as I'd like. I dunno...I'll do it anyway. Part of my motivation is that I will soon be moving away from my home for the next year and will literally be living out of my suitcase. I'm hoping that the entries on my blog will help me cope when I get a lil homesick.

I've driven across the country a couple times...I always make a point to hit up Sante Fe, New Mexico. Have you been? It's the coolest little town...full of culture, history, distinctive architecture, art markets, beautiful churches, high end galleries, de-lic-ious Mexican food, and friendly friendly faces. I bought my antique turquoise bracelet at the open air art market downtown. The colors in it are mesmerizing, and I love how the chunks vary in color and dimension. It's my favorite.

*ummm....note I'm not friend's photog studio is taking off and she wanted to build her portfolio so I was her "bride for a day!"

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  1. Your bracelet is stunning. You should hit up Gallup. Their jewelry supply stores are amazing, huge chunks of turquoise for such great deals and all sorts of beads to play with. I really miss NM, I was there doing field work for a week or two at a time sporadically over a couple years.