Thursday, June 11, 2009

giraffe manor

The Giraffe Manor is actually a real place. Can you believe it?

The Giraffe Manor is an elegant, personally hosted, small and exclusive hotel, famous for its resident herd of giraffe. The Giraffe Manor offers a rich blend of welcoming accommodation, highly trained and friendly staff, as well as one of Nairobi's finest kitchens.

If I ever make it to Kenya, this goes on the list. Looks enchanting!


  1. I wouldn't mind inviting a giraffe to breakfast, but I certainly would be freaked out if one popped up in my bedroom at night!

  2. and then you look at the price... I have been telling Robert I want to go here for a couple years. As soon as we are millionaires....

  3. this is incredible - i will go to kenya for this alone! there are so many fascinating places in this world - why are we limited to one lifetime to see it all?!?!?!